What is an Online Business Manager?

May 22, 2020OBM

Is your business keeping you busy?


Are you busy managing multiple projects, your team, and everyday operations?


Are you getting burnt out?


These are all things an online business can help with.

The official definition of an Online Business Manager (OBM) from Tina Forsyth (more about Tina):

An Online Business Manager helps business owners manage and grow their companies. OBMs oversee the day-to-day activities of online businesses, including planning & managing projects, leading team members, and developing & streamlining operational systems.

The business owner owns the business, creates the vision for the business, serves his or her clients, and uses their skills as they wish. They will partner with the OBM to build their business.

Some of the tasks an OBM can help with:

  • Build out a Team
  • Manage the Team
  • Project Manager
  • Create plans to grow
  • Operations Management
  • Business Audit
  • Create a Standard of Practice
  • Automate the Business
  • Launch Management
  • and much more…
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