What eCommerce Platform is Right for You?

Apr 2, 2019eCommerce, Website

First off think about what you have. Are you just starting and have nothing? Do you use PayPal buttons? Have you to tried to implement something or maybe you didn’t know what exactly to do? That is vital information to have when you are thinking about moving your shop to the next step.

Next, what kind of products are you going to offer? Are they all digital downloads, physical products, services, subscriptions, or something else? At this point, take a moment and note what your products will be. If you don’t know that’s ok too. What Payment options are you looking to offer? PayPal, Amazon, Credit Cards, or your banking integration?

Options – Yes there are options for everything above and more –



– Is by far more common. WooCommerce is free it, and its overwhelming number of plugins and add-ons make it the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce will support digital and physical products out of the gate. If you want to do subscriptions, that’s an additional fee. The number of times WooCommerce dings you for wanting more is one of the few downsides.

Woo offers inventory management, along with several payment and shipping options. That’s even before you take a look at the number of add-ons you can spend time and money browsing through and purchasing to make your store your own.

As for installation, Woo offers documentation online and a help desk. It’s pretty simple to install, but where it gets a little more sophisticated is with the massive amount of settings you will need to make sure are just the way you want.



– Is growing fast as an eCommerce platform. Now I know you’re wondering – a platform. Yes, it is not a plugin for your site, but it stands on its own. It also has a monthly fee depending on your needs currently plans start at $29/month. Now your thinking well WooCommerce was free, and Shopify isn’t 😒 – Why are you even putting these in the same article? Simple answer – options. You need to know that there are a variety of options.

Shopify supports the digital and physical products like Woo does and has inventory management along with Payment and Shipping options. One thing it has that Woo currently doesn’t offer is integrations with Facebook stores, Pinterest Buy Pins, and Twitter Buy Buttons. If you are just getting started that monthly fee may be hard to swallow. So why choose Shopify? If you want a stand-alone product away from WordPress, this is a great option. Or are you looking for something with more options than a WooCommerce or Shopp? Shopify is a great option.



– This one is worth mentioning but isn’t talked about as much. Mostly because it offers multiple product types including subscription without buying an add-on. The options are great news for those who are looking for recurrent membership products.

Shopp doesn’t have as many wow factors as the others, and there is one significant downside to this free option – support. Shopp doesn’t offer free support. In my mind, this is a big concern you want to work with an option that will assist you with questions, but yet again that subscriptions product without paying extra? Defiantly something to consider.



– Another eCommerce platform. This one is up there with Shopify. Pricing is $29.95/month similar to that of Shopify. The features are also acceptable. It is a hosted eCommerce platform, abandoned cart saver, searches, and much more.


So how do you know what platform is right for you? Asked these questions –

  • How many products do you sell?
  • Do you have so many products you compare yourself to larger store brands like hobbylobby.com or joanns.com?
  • Do you get lost trying to find your products?
  • Do you want to offer more payment methods?
  • Are you concerned about traffic on your site? Not enough or too much?
  • Can you afford to pay a monthly fee?


August 4th, 2019 – Update – Another option to consider is Stripes’ new Checkout option!

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