What Are Your Plans?

Jun 8, 2020Planning

What are your goals for your business this year?


Have you laid out your plans?


When making business plans, you shouldn’t plan for the whole year. A plan that far out will most likely fail due to things that arise.

It’s easiest to start out with general goals and create 90-day plans to achieve smaller strokes to achieve a bigger goal. A painter doesn’t try to paint a picture all a once. They start with the background or one section and go from there. So why are we trying to take it all on at once?

Look at where you are in your business and create a plan for the next 90-days to get you closer to your goals.

You have to start where you are. Sometimes your first plan won’t reach your goals, but you have to remember your building a business.

If your goal is to create a business that will allow you to work less, you will need to hire a team, so you will need to know what each team member will need to do a process that will need to be created for everything necessary.

Or if your goal is to grow your mailing list, you will need to offer freebies. Creating those freebies and creating the email series to go out after they sign up should be easy goals to start out with.

If creating a plan seems like too much, maybe hiring an Online Business Manager to help is a starting place.

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