We are thrilled to be partnering with your business!

Our team works together to provide every client with individual care to help you grow your business. We layout goals, break down the goals to tasks, and then we will work to grow your business.

This Welcome page is the best way to introduce you to how the team works with our clients.

On this Welcome Page, you’ll find:

  • How we work
  • Perks of working with us
  • How to get started

We are looking forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please reach out to us at info@thetechyobm.com.

Virtually Yours,

How We Work

We understand you are very busy. We work as an efficient team working towards your goals in the time allotted.


Hours of Operation

Our team works remotely, and we understand there are challenges to working remotely. Our team is located in the Eastern Standard Time zone.  We understand we may need to work outside of our standard hours to assist our clients.

Payment & Invoicing

All subscriptions are automated and will send on the same day every month. If there is an overage, you will be notified beforehand, and an invoice will be sent out on the 1st of the month. All payments are paid upfront using PayPal or credit card.  All services are prepaid, and work will begin once payment is received.


When you purchase a package of time, we are committed to having enough time available to serve you. Our commitment to you affects how we work with our other clients. For that reason, we don’t offer refunds on unused hours or allow unused hours to roll over.


We adhere to a strict confidentiality code, and no information will be given to any third party.  All documentation sent to us will be returned upon completion + payment. We take your confidentiality and privacy seriously.


We understand that your time is valuable, and so is ours. In the event that you need to change or cancel a meeting, we require 24-hours notice. We promise to honor our appointments and be on time, as well.

Time Tracking

All-time spent on your projects is tracked to the minute. We will send you weekly reports to keep you up to date on how our team is utilizing your hours.

Sharing Passwords

The safety and security of your passwords are important to us. To safely exchange passwords, we use LastPass. We ask that our clients set up an account to share their passwords with us securely.

The Perks

Here at The Techy OBM, collaboration is as beloved as caffeine in all forms coffee, soda, tea and of course chocolate! We love hearing from our clients and team members about fresh ideas so keep them coming.

All calls and emails will be returned within 48 hours during business days (Monday through Friday).


That means we will:

  • Respond to emails and phone messages promptly
  • Follow-up with clients to request feedback
  • Make recommendations and offer solutions
  • Go the extra mile to make our clients happy


Access to a dedicated Online Business Manager and our team

When you work with us you delegate to our team who will support your needs on a daily basis.


Turn Around Times

Project and task turnarounds vary depending on the details of the task. We make an effort to respond to all tasks within 48 hours. We will always inform you of timeline of projects and tasks so you will know when they will be completed. If you make changes to the original request, the amount of time required is subject to change.


Project Management Tools

We are happy to work with your PM tool if you’ve already established a routine (i.e. Basecamp, Teamwork, Asana, etc.). We will manage your project on our side with ClickUp.

Getting Started

We will lay it all out for you here. Let’s get down to business!

1. The Break Through Strategy Call

This one-time, 90-minute strategic planning session is included in all packages to kick off our working relationship.

This is your opportunity to lay it all out on the table and let us know exactly which areas of your business you want to improve, how you think your team and projects can be better managed, and what systems you want to put in place to make your business run smoothly. It is also our opportunity to evaluate your needs, your team, your projects, and your overall business structure.

As we begin working together we have become a team. As a team, we want to identify what can be taken off your plate. 


2. The Audit

Are you ready? This is where we get down to business! During the first 90 days, we do a full audit of all your business’ processes. During the first two weeks, we look at files, procedures, and strictly observe how your beautiful business operates. The absolute earliest any implementation will occur is 3 weeks after the Break Through Call.

This is where you will introduce us to your team, show us how you operate, and allow us to find our space.


3. The first 90-days

During the first 90 days, our main goal is to find out what makes your business flourish! We look for what needs minor adjustments, where the money is wasted, and which processes need implementation. As masters of efficiency, we want to make sure your business is reaching its full potential and no tasks are missed.

We will fix immediate leaks and lay the foundation for future projects


4. Manage ongoing tasks

Once we have spent time in the nitty-gritty of your business, we will help create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These beautiful documents map out exactly how to execute and automate routine tasks. The SOP is given to a team member who takes that job off your plate freeing you up to get back to the part of the business you love.

In addition to SOPs, we will help structure social media campaigns, product launches, and anything else your online business needs.


We want to set up action items and start making things happen. You’ll start seeing your company’s direction soon!

Our project and retainer packages are based on a combination of Online Business Management and Implementation, which can include the following:

  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Systems Building & Standard Operations Procedures
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Membership Area Setup
  • Ecommerce Setup & Website Integration
  • Autoresponders, Sales Funnels, & Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Sales Pages & Landing Page
  • Website Maintenance
  • Creating & Managing Affiliate Areas & Sales
  • Social Media
  • Strategy sessions & Ongoing meetings (we recommend at least one monthly call)
  • Industry & Market Research
  • Revenue Generating Activities: Strategizing & Monitoring
  • Recruiting & Vetting Employees/Contractors
  • Monitoring Metrics & Analysis

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