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Some of the Services We Offer

Project Management
  • Creation of a project plan this includes the timeline
  • Setup and management of the online PM tool
  • Managing delegating tasks to team
  • Communication about and for the project with the team
  • Managing the budget for the project
  • Managing project day to day and week to week
Team Management
  • Identify team needs based on current business goals and projects
  • Determine what type of specialist is needed
  • Crafting job posting/details
  • Putting the job opportunity out
  • Filter initial responses
  • Setup and conducting first round of interviews
  • Setting up additional interviews if needed
  • Checking into references
  • Reviewing proposals and making the offer
  • Ensuring a signed contract is in place for all team members
  • Working with team members for a communication plan
  • Planning training for new team members if needed
  • Handling team challenges
Manage Operations
  • Reviewing all Systems in place
  • Creation and maintenance of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Guides
  • Implementing tools to automate the business
  • Management of client payments and collections process
  • Management of systems access and login info
  • Ensuring a backup system is in place
Tracking Metrics
  • Setting up a reporting system
  • Keeping track of stats for the business
  • Analyzing metrics
Website Management
  • Reviewing all content on your site
  • Managing updates on your site
  • Managing any new sites
  • Ensuring Google Analytics is in place
  • Ensuring the social media links/apps are in place
  • Connecting subscription services
  • Connecting any payment options
  • Finding designers, graphic designers, and copywriters as needed
  • Gathering testimonials
Manage your Marketing Implementation
  • Manage the day-to-day implementation
  • Build a team to manage ongoing marketing activities (as needed)
  • Review auto-responders and follow-up sequences for outdated info
  • Review up-sell opportunities
  • Reviewing freebies for refreshment
Managing Speaking Engagements
  • Prep of Speaking Kit
  • Reviewing speaking requests
  • Confirming details of speaking agreement
  • Manage Travel
  • Prep of speaking materials
  • Ordering of any products to be sold on-site
Manage your Launches
  • Setup a Launch plan
  • Work with a copywriter
  • Manage the creation of a sales page
  • Updating all marketing materials after launch
FREE up the Business Owner!!
  • Review where the business owner is spending their time
  • Act as a gatekeeper for the owner
  • Creating an email management system for owner
  • Setting up a scheduling system for a business owner

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