Do you have Google Analytics on Your Site?

Nov 5, 2020Website

Are you tracking traffic on your site?


Do you have Google Analytics installed?


Google Analytics is a free service Google offers to help you track everything from how many visitors on your site per week or month. Where your traffic is coming from and what pages are most visited.

Why do you need to know where your traffic is coming from? If you are spending most of your time on Facebook, but you have half of your traffic coming from Instagram, you may want to spend more time on Instagram.

Knowing what pages and blogs are popular can help you create more similar content or in the same category to attract more potential clients.

To help you tell if your site has Google Analytics, Google created a Chrome extension (


To check your site:

  1. Install and activate the extension
  2. Visit your site
  3. You need to enable the extension on your site. To do this, click the tag extension while on your site and click the enable button.
  4. Once enabled, you need to reload your site for the Tag assistant to review your site code.
  5. The tag will show you any Google Analytics code on your site and if there are any issues.


Do you have Google Analytics on your site?

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