Are You Living in Your Inbox?

Sep 8, 2019Email, Productivity

Are you inundated with emails?

Does your inbox cause you to be overwhelmed or stressed?

I like a clean inbox, preferably inbox zero. I don’t like going to bed until my inbox is empty. Just knowing that I’ve handled most things helps me be less stress and sleep better.

I have a few tips and tricks to help you see past the clutter.

First, you do not have to respond to everything. I do this a lot too. Whether it’s a will do, or a Thank You, I usually respond to everything, but at some point, this just isn’t productive. You have to decide whether or not its a good use of your time.

Next, Jot things down. If its a sentence you want to remember don’t keep the whole email just that sentence. Even better use Evernote or Onenote and copy and paste in a keepers file.

Use labels! I LOVE labels (NOTE: labels are sometimes called folders or tags in different email providers). You can use labels like the ones below to keep you organized and prioritize your tasks.

  • Admin
  • Clients
  • Conversations
  • Events
  • Finances
  • Hold
  • Resources
  • This week
  • Todo
  • Tickler
  • To read
  • Follow Up
  • Take Action
  • To File or To Sort
  • Coupons
  • Devotions
  • Blog
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Testimonials
  • Newsletter Replies
  • Courses
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Logins
  • Track
  • Awaiting Reply
  • Waiting
  • Someday
  • Immediate Action
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